Identifying and Filling the Gaps in Sound Design

October 24, 6:30-9:30pm. Centre for Digital Media.

This workshop will be an opportunity for artists who work with sound in live performance to come together and engage in conversation about our work. The definition of “Sound Design” in Canada is broad and often fluid, which means that most sound designers possess expertise in certain areas and knowledge gaps in others.

In this workshop we will discuss the expectations that we face in this field and the skills and questions held by folks in the room. Through this investigation, we aim to strengthen our own understanding of our work, and to build a stronger network of knowledge-sharing opportunities throughout our community.

Presented in partnership with the GVPTA, The ADC, and the Centre for Digital Media.

Tax Basics for Freelancers

October 16, 6-8pm. Room 4270, SFU Woodwards.

Join Certified Financial Planner David Sweeney to learn the basics of filing self-employed taxes, registering for a GST number and any other questions you may have about tax prep as a designer or business.

David Sweeney, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Tenure 29 years

Forum Organizing MeetingS

The second Monday of every month
Next meeting: October 7, 6:30-8:00, SFU Woodwards Room 2340

As opposed to the actual Forum itself, these are more traditional planning/organizing meetings that we typically hold about once a month to make future plans for what the Forum will do and discuss any issues that have come up. These meetings are open to the entire community. All are warmly invited to attend as we hope for as much participation and input from the community as possible. If you are interested in what the Forum has been doing, interested in becoming more involved, or just interested to see what these meetings look like, please come join us. 

If you are unable to attend our next meeting but there is an issue that you think is important to discuss, please let us know. We always distribute notes from the meeting afterwards, as well as posting them here.

Drinks with Designers - Vancouver

The Last Monday of Every Month, 8pm, Caffe Barney - 2526 Main St

This monthly gathering of designers is a fun opportunity to drink, laugh, connect, and support one another. DwD is a chance to catch up about the shows we've been proud of, future projects that excite and challenge us, and the many joys and challenges we face in this community.


Photo credits: “Cabaret” Studio 58 Ensemble. Director: Josh Epstein, Set Design: Drew Facey, Costume Design: Amy McDougall, Lighting Design: Itai Erdal, Mask Design: Jenn Stewart. Photo by Itai Erdal.