The Design Assistants and Professionals Database lists individuals interested in working as design assistants as well as theatre professionals who work freelance - including stitchers, buyers, scenic painters and carpenters. Individuals listed here are open to being contacted for work.

Chengyan Boon


Technical Director, ATD

Celeste English


Assistant Lighting Designer

Emily Fraser


Assistant Head of Wardrobe, Lead or Assistant Costume Designer



Props Buyer/Builder

Melissa McCowell


Assistant Costume Designer, Head of Wardrobe, Dresser

Daniel O’Shea


Technical Director

Jessica Oostergo


Head of Wardrobe, Assistant Set Designer, Assistant Costume Designer, Puppet Builder

Kara Pankiw


Assistant Set Designer

Heidi Quicke


Technical Director, Production Manager

Carolyn Rapanos


Assistant Set Designer, Props Builder/Buyer

Jennifer Stewart


Assistant Set Designer, Props Builder/Buyer, Mask Builder

Marcus Vaillant


Assistant Set Designer, Props Builder

Sharon Wu


Assistant Set Designer, Props Builder/Buyer